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Ortleib front pannier hooks


Polar Bear:

Anybody come across the problem I have found with Ortleib classic fronts panniers?   The hook at the bottom does not leave enough clearance to get round the frame of my Tubus Duo front racks.

Any tips that involve 'how to make an appropraite spacer' rather than ditch the bags or racks (obviously I want the cheap and effective solution) would be very much appreciated.

Polar Bear:
Hmmmm . . . . .  

In the absence of your combined wisdom I've been investigating myself.   I think I can take some of the flexible 'rubber' you get for spacers with light and lock brackets, cut to size, put a hole in the middle, and then use as a spacer between the anti-sway hook and the hook rail.   I'll let you know if it works!

Polar Bear:
Got the perfect solution to my problem.   Cycling2000 sell a 16mm anti-sway hook for Ortleib panniers with the QL1 fitting.   The standard is 10mm.   They are only 2.95 each and work a real treat.

I'm very happy and I'm off to Cape Wrath . . . . .


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