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I saw another one, in Cardiff - are you out there? would you like to have company cycling? if so - post here.[:)]

You mean they let Good bikes go to..... SHIVERS MELODRAMATICALLY, WALES!!!
Don't they know they'll get robbed?

(Runs away grinning!)

Yes they do, and its getting recognised how perfectly formed our land of song is for riding in - the secrets out! damn I thought it would be kept to myself.[;)]

I have to admit my memories of Wales are tainted from Winter in St Athans in January of 1979[:(].
I also went there in 1989 and didnt have a good time.
Went in the Central and Northern parts later on 1993 and it was pretty nice though. I even met a few Non Apes!!!!![}:)]

LOL - mmmm yes we do have a few examples of neondrathal man! , and I also had a friend that came over to stay from Nova Scotia and it was the worset the weather had been for the whole duration of the stay. Happily the hospitality made up for it and we all laughed, and were very cleansed in the process of anything we tried to do.

I hope you enjoyed your vist a difficult thing to do in St Athans, why there of all places?


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