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Anyone Interested in Cycling Turkey?

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Hi all,

I have organized a whole range of on and off-road cycling tours focussed on South West Turkey. Predominantly, the on road rides are ready to go, we are still checking permissions for some of the protected off road areas.

Just a cheeky thread to 'test the water' to see whether anyone would be interested (either as an individual, group or club) before going to otherwise unnecessary expense of advertising an undesirable product.

We are trying to keep the prices as low as possible, and are mainly focusing on groups of similarly skilled riders at the present time, rather than open rides, where there is a danger of getting a group of mixed abilities.

Please feel free to post here, PM or e-mail me direct on

Any feedback or advice at all would be greatly appreciated.



Hi all,

Just to let you know I've started a website, but it's far from finished yet.

Please feel free to take a look. Any advice as to how I develop it would be greatly appreciated.



Hi all,

Just a great big THANKS!!!! for all your help and advice given over the past few weeks.

I finally got my website up and running with some semblance of functionality (although tweaking will be inevitable!)

All help and support was greatfully received (and much needed at times!)

Thanks again,


Site is not working


--- Quote from: dhmpap on February 09, 2017, 12:42:30 PM ---Site is not working

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No big surprise given that the thread is eight years old and hasn't been updated since.


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