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canti vs V brakes


Are canti and V-brake bosses the same dimensions and in the same position relative to the rim on a MTB (26" wheels) - i.e. are they interchangeable from a fitting point of view? I would like to try changing but want to make sure it's feasible before I go out and buy any bits&pieces...

What about levers, would they need to be changed to suit?

Canti and V brake position and fittings are the same but brake levers need to pull more cable. Dia Compe do drop bar levers for V brakes.

tom w:
You can avoid having to buy new levers to go with the V-brakes (circumventing the problem of different cable-pull) by getting a QBP Travel Agent, which is basically a roller-cam which sits at end of the V-brake, replacing the Shimano 'noodle'. These work fine, are well made with a sealed bearing and basically last forever. You can't use 2mm cable, but then with V-brakes, you won't need to...
Ask at your LBS.


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