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I've just bought a new car - and belatedly realised that the roof is a lot higher than my old one  - so I can no longer reach to lift my tandem onto the roof rack.... Has anyone got any ideas?  I have heard rumours about some kind of pneumatic contraption that will lift the tandem up by itself - sounds miraculous!

Dave Whittle Thorn Workshop:
There is a rack that SJS sell called a BTS tandem uplift, which is aided by a hydralic ram and helps lift the bike on-to the roof, we do this in a high lift version aswell for 4x4's, MPV's and the like, ring me if you want any more info,

Dave Whittle Warranty/Returns SJSC 01278 441542

Si Davies:
or yopu could ave money by getting one of those little plastic stool like things (old folks use them to reach up to the top of their shelves or some such) and just use it as a step to reach the top of the car.  Weighs virtually nothing so just bung it in the back of the car when not in use.

AND ... those little plastic stool things have the added advantage that you can use them to reach up to the top of shelves or some such - two for the price of one.


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