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Girvin Flexstem magic


tom w:
Having had my steed stolen, for the replacement exped tourer, I want to marry a Flexstem (which only came with quill fitting) to a threadless steerer tube. Anyone tried that? I don't like the parallelogram design of the Softride Powerstem (too many bushings); it also makes attaching a bar across the stem to support armrests for my Scott AT-4 a lot trickier....

Current plan is to get 1.25" Flextem, cut quill off flush, TIG chunk of appropriate grade Al to the back  for the clamp, then cut the lump lengthwise, drill & tap for bolts. A lot of drama, I hear you all mutter..

Any other suggestions for avoiding buzzing, numb hands (despite gloves, grab-ons, assorted bars, heights etc.) received with interest.

Would it not be easier to pick up a used one on E-bay? ;)

Girvin made Flexstems in Threadless.  I have a few, some unused, in my parts bin.


tom w:
That saves a bit of drama. If these are for 1.125" or 1.25" steerer, Randy,I am interested in following up with you: are you interested in selling? What stem length/extension are the ones you have?


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