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I have been a member of the ETA for a few years (although fortunately not yet needed their services for my car). Does anyone have any experience of their cycle insurance - see www.eta.co.uk/pages/Cycle-Insurance/15/default.htm - sorry, can't make this into a link for some reason. 

The cover looks excellent and state that they include bikes up to 4,000 on a new for old basis, a 'get you there' rescue package, 90 days European cover, etc.  I haven't asked for a quote yet because I am hoping to buy either a Raven Tour or RST this year, but from other comments in this section it would seem that most people find other insurance companies either exorbitant or lacking in what is needed.  Any views?


I use ETA for insuring my raven tour.  I was impressed with the cover and the lack of limiting small print you find on some cycle-specific policies.  I've not had a claim but heard good reports about their recovery service from aquaintances.  Cost-wise they are comparable to the CTC insurance scheme -I pay about 8% of the value of the bike but this will depend on your circumstances.  This is still a lot of money and certainly more expensive than putting your bike on some household policies (M and S are supposed to be good) but I wanted to keep things separate.  New for old, cover for damage and theft, recovery, no claims bonus, no specied lock standard, no restrictions on locations or hours were all positives.

The ethical dimension appealed to me as well.

Fred A-M:

--- Quote from: SemenOV on January 10, 2011, 09:04:37 PM ---hi im 18 and have an mk2 8v GTi, tryin 2 get insured but bit of a wounder anyone know how i can get insurance just so im legal to drive on the road? thanks

--- End quote ---

Try WUM Insurance Ltd, they're reputed to be good.

Hey I was about to ask the question of insurance with my new Audax in mind and you've answered the question already.  We've checked it out - it is good - but I wasn't expecting it to be quite so costly (at 126). 

Our existing household insurance cover only up to 500 and they couldn't comprehend anything worth 3 or 4 times that amount!

I'd be grateful for other suggestions....

As geocycle mentions M&S house contents insurance gives good cover if the premium is ok. Mine was initially cheaper than the previous insurer and gave much better cover, especially for the bikes.


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