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What rims for world tour?

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I thought I had made my mind up, but maby I could use some input...[8)]
You see I have two set of ceramic rims, 36h waiting to be laced up. One is Mavic D-521 and the other X-618.[:p]

After I have been touring with 521īs alot, i thought something lighter and more narrow would give me more speed. I have also been reading and wiewing images of 521 that have cracks around the eylets.[:0] This, I am told, was due to the single eylets. Thatīs why i got the X-618, but now I am not so sure any more...
Some people think Mavicīs Maxtal aluminium alloy is to blame for the problem with cracks around the eylets!
Any one with enough knowlege to shed some light on these issues[?]
(lets leave the ceramic debate for now![;)])

I'm not so sure about Mavic rims, but my Sun Rhynolite ones did 10000 miles of world touring and are now back on my mountain bike, true as ever with no spoke or eyelet troubles. I'd certainly recommend these.

My only experience of cracked rims was on the rear cassette side of a pair of shop-built Ambrosio Evolution 700C rims laced to campag athena hubs that I (used to) use for commuting. The rims are eyeleted, I travel on a mixture of road and cycle track, so it is not an entirely smooth journey. The shop concerned re-imbursed me for the cost of getting the wheel rebuilt, but I never got an answer from the manufacturer as ty why the rim had cracked. I suspect that it may have been laced up too tight, it was built in error with plain gauge spokes, and theoretically bomb-proof but I think with ligher spokes, they may have absorbed more of the shock and saved the rim??

I don't recommend Mavic either as they wear out too fast, crack, and die. Few years back I managed to crack half the rear rim all the way along the eyelets whilst doing a bit of touring with camping gear - only got as far as Austria. Evenso I think they are great for road racing.

For ultra long distance touring just get some Sun Rhyno rims, even just for the rear.

Having pulled the eyelets out of a Mavic rim on my touring tandem I replaced it with a Sun Rhyno which is still in one piece after much abuse. The non eyelet and very cheap Mavic X319s on my mountainbike tandem are doing better than the eyeletted D521s they replace.


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