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Knee pain

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Thanks guys

The tightness/stiffness was more on the front of the knees .in the knee and maybe slightly below . Hard to describe . Only when I tried to bend them it was really bad .

My knees actually feel quite good this morning and quite loose , weird , not what I was expecting

I think I need a handful of more rides under my belt to figure this out . It could be a combination of things

I did just increase my seat height to where I like it , but I had not done a good proper bike run with the seat at the height before I change it

On hills most of the time I went low(gear)  and slow but it was a challenging tension . Not extreme but I got a good cardio workout for sure.

A few times I said no chance and got out of the saddle and pushed.

One thing I did which I donít normally do is that I got ergon grips . G5? Canít remember the model . The biggest ones where it goes straight and then a curve inwards like horns. Well when going up hills I was experimenting with holding on to the bars end and felt my upper body kind of helping with the climb . A bit like those machines  in the gym . But it does induce a bit of a slight side to side and forward and back motion which may put pressure on the knees. I stayed in the saddle I wasnít standing up.

I think my seat height is pretty good .I started really high and slowly worked down in height . I put a bit of sellotape at the original height so I could compare .  I donít rock side to side. I feel I can use all areas of my feet if I want to and it feels good and Iím not over extending . I find Iím naturally riding with the area of my feet I think your supposed to , but do sometimes use the centre of the feet and sometimes the heels feel good to drive a bit harder when going up hills.

Iíve played with adjusting the saddle forward and back and got the tilt angle right

Iím a lot happier with how the bike feels , especially since I got Thorn comfort bars , the bars are in a better position , but still not perfect . I feel like I want the bars to be higher so I can sit more upright . And a bit further back closer to me. I think you get some sort of riser bars things ? Not sure how all that works. Possibly my steerer tube was cut years ago and if I had the extra height that would have been perfect

I get the feeling that the frame is either a little too short for me or I need the bars up higher to sit more upright . But it is pretty good .

I got a cheap pannier bag from Halfords and after I put it on my heel hit it . I moved it a bit further away from my foot on the rack and now itís fine , I havenít hit it again. But it seemed quite close . Donít know if that is a clue as to how the bike is fitting me


--- Quote from: ourclarioncall on May 22, 2022, 12:43:30 PM ---I get the feeling that the frame is either a little too short for me or I need the bars up higher to sit more upright . But it is pretty good .

--- End quote ---
Just on the point of bike fit - Get where you're sitting in relation to the pedals right, then adjust the reach.
I've seen a lot of people, including myself, spend hours and £100's searching for the perfect hand position, when he issue wasn't that at all.

Front of knee suggests seat too low which causes the front of the knee to get a bit stretched.

In my case a patella band helps if pain has started, but that is not a generic solution for all people.

So far I've avoided knee problems while cycling (but gave up running because of complaining knees). Here's a good essay on the subject .

1) get the saddle height right. Too low or too high can out extra strain on the knee.

2) use all the gears rather than powering along relying on leg strength.

I mentioned in a different thread I started be recent return to cycling with an unhealthy almost 20 stone. Now I am around 15. Years of carrying excess weight means you can expect some aches and pains. But as the pounds shed it does get easier. However, don't follow the 'no pain no pain' crowd when joints hurt. Your muscles can recover in a few hours if you have pushed too hard, but a damaged joint can have you immobile for weeks till it is recovered.

My tip, riding 19 to the dozen slowly up a hill will be less stressful on your knees than riding 8 to the dozen that some riders seem to do without breaking a sweat. Slow and steady wins the race when you are starting out.

You might also want to buy an elastic knee support.


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