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Saddle bag / Rack bag

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Where I brought a dry bag along that was not a cycling type bag, I used an elastic net to attach it.

This one in the first photo was 16 liter in volume when full, loaded from the end.  The second photo, that one was about 20 liters and was a side loading bag.


I found a cargo net.

…and already have a great dry bag. 🤔

Very appealing, flexible option.

Good man 🙂
Coincidentally, saw this set up last week on a Specialized Crosstrail though didn’t see the rider. There’s what looks like a fuel bottle so one assumes there’s camping gear in the luggage.
Best wishes for your trip and hope the choices work well.

Those Super C panniers looked wet, and your Brooks looked like it lacked a rain cover.  Hint, hint.

No 1 Sleuth of the  day 🥇  😊
I’d just demounted under the shelter of a medieval church porch. Noah floated past shortly after 🌧 😂   


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