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Having a 🤔 moment.
I found that I can comfortably get my tent into a Carradice Camper Longflap. With a supporting rack beneath, to take the circa 2kg tent weight plus some Ďbitsí, Iím musing over any positives or negatives using the Longflap might have over a rack bag. Iíve already got the 4 panniers plus bar bag arrangement.
Any gut responses gratefully received. 😊

Depending on how high your saddle (specifically the saddle loops for the saddle bag straps) is above your panniers, you might not need much support under the bag.

Nelson Longflap in the photo.  It sits nicely on the panniers for support.

Ortlieb Backrollers on a Tubus Logo EVO rack in the photo.  It is best if your panniers are loaded equally so that the right and left are equal in height.  You might need a longer strap for the seatpost strap.  Some wider racks or some panniers might put the panniers too far apart to provide much support for the Carradice bag.  I have a Surly rack and that puts the panniers pretty far apart and does not support a Carradice bag very well.

I have commented in other threads that I put a piece of Coroplast in some of my bags to act as a stiffener, that includes the Nelson Longflap, so it does not sag in the middle.

Second photo shows a piece of Coroplast (white) in a Carradice Pendle so you see what I am talking about, it is loose, not attached to the bag.  I put several parallel creases in it first so that it has a U shape.  Initially I tried paper cardboard which worked well enough that I decided to make a more permanent addition to my bag.

The negatives are that if I use up all my food and no longer need the Carradice bag, I can't fold it up and shove it into a pannier.  But if you will always have enough gear that you need the saddle bag, that is not an issue.  I only mention it because on two of my tours I did not have a bag on top of my rear rack at the end of the trip when all the food had been eaten.  Another point, it takes longer each morning to fiddle with the leather loops to attach the Carradice bag than it would a dry bag onto the rear rack.

If one is already loaded with four panniers and a bar bag, of your two options I think Iíd go for the traditional saddle bag which, unlike a rack bag, would help distribute some of the weight youíre carrying between the axles.

Another alternative is to go for something much less heavier and more flexible to use like a heavy duty dry bag, about 13 litre,

 strapped to the top of the rear rack. When not in use this would easily stash away in one of the pannier bags. Another option would be a lightweight dry bag with built in shoulder straps so you could also use it off the bike on day walks.


--- Quote from: UKTony on May 06, 2022, 02:44:40 PM ---Another option would be a lightweight dry bag with built in shoulder straps so you could also use it off the bike on day walks.

--- End quote ---

Not suggesting itís worn whilst riding, but strapped to rear rack when you need it for food etc. and stashed away when not in use. Companies like exped, aquapac an£ I think Ortlieb probably do small capacity dry bag rucksacks.

Brilliant replies, thank you.
Being able to fold a dry bag away when not being used is certainly a plus.
Iíd initially only thought of placing a piece of coroplast in the longflapís bottom. The U-shape option seems a much better idea.
Iím using a Thorn rear rack and a pair of Carradice Super Cís so will obviously check 🤞 the longflap sits a-top the panniers. Iím lucky to have a pair of Altura Orkneys as an alternative. Theyíre a bit smaller than the Super Cís and sit a little higher on the rack.
Also avoiding too much capacity syndrome!


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