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Thank you !


Greetings all

Would just like to express my gratitude to the good folks that frequent the forum

I love how I can come here and am lmost guaranteed to find the help /support /information I need

But itís so easy to take it for granted

So THANK YOU 😊 I really appreciate it 👍 👍

 :) That's really nice. :)

I hope you will soon have your dream bike in hand and it will be everything you hope for.



Forums are one of the benefits of the internet as a means for people to share their accumulated knowledge and wisdom and help those who have come to learn. That said, this seems to be one of the better ones in that conflicting opinions are respected without acrimony and the moderator doesn't wave a big stick when people go off topic. We have to also thank Thorn for establishing the forum in the first place and being willing to pay the running cost. I think I first came here as a learner because it seemed to have the best English language discussion of the Rohloff hub. In many respects I'm still a learner.


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