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EBay step-thru Sherpa 47cm



Unusual to see a step-thru on eBay.

Anyone interested in this bike might prefer my 420 step-thru Raven Tour with Rolhoff speedhub, Shimano XTR brakes, Tubus S/S rear rack and Thorn front low loaders for 1250.  Soon to be more widely advertised.

Julieann Whitehouse:
This bike is mine Brian, and I think you should let people be the judge of what they prefer.

Of course.  I did say "might", leaving it open to personal preference.

I might suggest the most effective way to sell a bike is to include it in its own separate listing so the title can best catch a potential buyer's eye. People tend to seek what they want.

When sales announcements are piggy-backed on one-another, they are less apt to be successful because they miss the bulk of their intended audience.




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