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Raven Recommended Tyre for Audax rides

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My Raven came to me with Marathon Plus Tour 2 inch wide tyres. Great tyres, but a little slow for audax riding which I want to try on it.

What is the best puncture protected tyre for taking a Raven audax riding?

Maybe I'm lucky, but I get very few punctures, so generally never buy the heavier / numb tyres which advertise additional puncture protection. So my recomendations / favourites are: ( in no particular order )
Schwalbe Marathon Supreme.
Marathon Racer
Continental Speed Contact
Panaracer Pasela Tourguard

Id definitely recommend Schwalbe marathon supreme. Great tyres on tarmac. Unfortunately they are discontinued and hard to find in 26. I recently got some spares from Spa Cycles as SJS had no stock. Alternatively standard marathons are fine for most tasks.

Thank you, it looks like Marathon Supreme are the ones to go for.

What about the best width for Audax road cycling?

I rode a few Audax on my Raven when I had it, was happy with Panaracers, probably Paselas but I'm not sure, tan sidwalls before they came back into fashion!  1.75" were the sweet spot, I tried up and down a size but came back to this. 
On my 700c bikes I'm a fan of Marathon Supreme and Almotion, but I've never had these and the Panaracers in the same wheel size so comparisons might not be relevant.
I found them all to be decent in terms of puncture protection, but it isn't something I give the highest priority to.  This week I've just had my first for over 4,000 km across all bikes, it was a 5 min roadside fix. The Panaracers do seem to become more vulnerable when well worn, I recall changing a couple for this reason even though the tread looked like it had some life left - though of course this might just be a run of bad luck, the sample size wasn't big enough to be conclusive!


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