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Looked for a post on this, but could not find one. My2010 Raven Sports Tour has two bolts at the bottom of the bike to hold the eccentric. Mine work lose and have to be tightened regularly. Is this normal? How can it be stopped?

Mike Ayling:
We have the same set up on our Thorn tandem

The bolts need to be torqued in the 10 to 16 nm range, yours are probably not tight enough.

There was also a suggestion to put a tight rubber band around both the bolts.


Good afternoon, in the workshop we now add blue thread lock to the bolt to help reduce the chance of them vibrating loose, most people will never have an issue, but we like to be prepared.

One of mine came loose several years ago.  I then tried blue (removable) threadlocker, but decided not to use it any more as I liked to be able to unthread it by hand once it was initially loosened.

Then I decided to use a rubber band, this is cut from an old inner tube, actually used two in case one broke, the other is the redundancy.  This has worked well for me for several years, the photo is three years old and I had been doing this some time before I took the photo.

If you are curious why I want to remove a bolt easily by hand, more on that here:

Since 2012, I've had stellar luck using thin M8 x 0.75 stainless "jam" nuts on my eccentric bolts.

They only have to be slightly more than finger tight to prevent any loosening of the extra-fine threaded grub screws.




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