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Thorn non drive side crank / thorn double 110BCD 170mm crank set


Damaged the thread on the non drive side crank using a crank puller. Does anyone have a thorn non drive side crank I could purchase?

Would also considering buying a new crankset - 110bcd, 170mm crankset. Using it with a rohloff.

Any offers appreciated massively - have attached picture of the crank below.

The black cranks that were installed on my Thorn Nomad and Thorn Sherpa are just Andel TMS1 (a generic brand) with Thorn branding applied. (The TMS1 logo is on the inside of the drive-side crank arm, if I remember). If your silver crank is a similarly rebranded generic crank, you might be able to find the missing left crank arm for cheap somewhere.

Apologies for stating the obvious - They don't have to be a matched pair, you'll know of course, but as no one usually sees both together, even if they look at them at all, it's likely you'll be the only one who does.  (EDIT - As someone pointed out on the CUK forum in answer to the same question, you do have to match the Square, they're inline or a diamond, I'd forgotten that  :-[)
Ebay is full of them  ;)

EDIT - Or is that by any chance an Sugino XD2 crank? It looks like it might be and they get re-branded often enough.  Turn it over and if it is it'll be forged on the inner.  If it is a matching crank is about 15

Even if it isn't, I'd say it was close enough and they're good cranks, I have them on a couple of bikes.

Thanks very much for your help all. Have emailed SJS to see if they have a spare.

Attached a picture below of the inside in case anyone has anything or is able to identify what crank it might be - was keen to get a similar match for the same offset/q factor etc.

Cheers all!


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