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Yes mickeg even at 5 min per tyre three times a year that's three hours a year maintaining sealant for your 12 wheels.

I've realised from reading Ray's post more carefully that he also runs a bike on tubeless tyres. Apologies Ray if I've told you stuff you already know.

My Mercury came with G-One Speed tubeless and I had 1500 trouble-free miles until winter approached and I swapped the tyres for Panaracer GravelKing SKs (more grip) which, despite getting an air tank, I could not get to seat tubeless inspite of being suitable tyres. After removing the G-Ones I cleaned then and checked for punctures. IIRC there was one on the front and more than 10 on the rear - perhaps the greater loading made it easier for sharp objects to penetrate. I also noticed that there was very little wet sealant remaining in the rear tyre. I had one puncture in the Gravelkings soon after fitting and then had no more punctures until I did the next tyre change.

My recent bike build is running with tubeless GravelKings which seated with no problems on the rims I have on that bike. I've never worried about damaging tyre beads when fitting them. My bigger worry is refitting a tyre as tubeless in the middle of nowhere if there's major damage which needed a tyre boot but the solution is to carry an inner tube and use that until somewhere with a good pump can be reached.


--- Quote from: Lonerider on February 21, 2022, 09:21:48 PM ---Never thought about the rims! The rims are DT Swiss R460db at the rear and R460 at the front. Reading further suggests that the rims have a hooked interface and are tubeless compatible. Perhaps that has a bearing on the problems experienced.

--- End quote ---
It's outside my experience, but everything I've read suggests tyres are likely to be harder to fit/remove from tubeless rims regardless of whether you're using a tube or not.
Even without the experience, I'd be inclined to think if they're intended to be tubeless and you're happy with the technology that's probably the way to run them.

Morning all - well it was at the time of writing.

Thank you all for the insightful comments. Much appreciated.

Moronic - the tyres are 700c x 38mm. The largest I could get away with, whilst retaining mudguards, is 40mm. I too carry a Dynaplug. Tubeless on my gravel bike has never let me down. Apology not necessary. All comments welcome.

Mickeg - thank you for the link and comment about different tools/levers.

JohnR - reassuring about tubeless. I will look at GravelKings. They were a contender for my gravel bike (650b) but I went for WTB Byways. Not too sure but I don't think WTB are available in the size I would need on the Mercury. I always carry tubes and a boot on my gravel bike just in case.

PH - your comment about fitting any tyre to a tubeless rim ring true with my recent experience.

So. The options seem to be; new rims to facilitate tyres with tubes or go tubeless. As Worzel Gummidge used to say "Time to put my thinking head on".

Thanks again



One more option to keep you rolling when you get a puncture that won't seal.  All I know is what I have seen here, I know nothing else.

And here:

So, since those things sit in the low spot on the rim where you need to get your bead when you remove tires, for sure special tools will be needed.  Sounds like a fix you want to only do at home.


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