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Pocket Mechanic multi tool


Main package now sold, tool w/o bits left

Tool with adjustable head (0 to 90 degrees) that takes standard 1/4" bits and sockets. Also incorporates a chain tool and spoke keys.


I have two of these to sell: (Prices include postage)

1. Unused tool with some extras thrown in not normally included with the product: 5.50

2. Slightly used tool supplied without any bits, sockets or extras at all: 2.50. (Bits of your choice can be bought from hardware shops or it's just useful at home as a good chunky chain tool).

Standard features:
* Chain tool
* Sockets: 8, 9, 10mm (with adaptor)
* Screwdriver bits: Plain slot 5mm, Philips No. 1
* Hex bits (Allen): 4, 5 & 6mm
* Emergency spoke keys

125 x 42 x 23mm, 227 grams as standard

Extras (some are slightly used):
* Screwdriver bits: Plain slot 3 & 6mm, Philips No. 2
* Hex bit (Allen): 3mm
* Magnetic bit holder (to act as extension)
* Allen keys (normal): 5 & 6mm
* Pouch for extra bits

Please email.

Email me as my browser doesn't want to let me get to your email.

Hi Marc, I can't find a way to email you throgh the system. Please email p[at]



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