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Bike crash, new bike


Me and my wife have a Thorn tandem that is equipped with XTR, rohloff hub, son dynamo, css rims. All the nice extras. 2 years ago we got ďdooredĒ and the frame was damaged. Since then my wife doesnít want to ride. I live for cycling, Iím a bike mechanic so it is literally my life. Anyway, itís sat in the out house taking up space until yesterday. I have ordered on of the last mk2 Nomad frames and will be putting all the old stuff on. Think Iíll use it for commuting in winter, maybe do a few tours again, itís been a few years.

This being your first post, I assume you have not looked at this forum much.  There are lots of threads with past info on how some of us have setup and used our Nomad Mk II bikes.

With the right tires, they work well in winter conditions too.  Marathon Winter tires, 50mm wide in photos.

Iím actually an old forum user from maybe 5/6 years ago. Just lost my login details. I had a raven before. The Nomad turned up yesterday, late home from work but made a start.


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