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Rohloff tandem trike with wooden seat and weatherproofing? Yes you can!


Wallace and Gromit's Teutonic cousins seem to have solved the question of staying dry while riding a home made Rohloff hubbed trike side by side in tandem formation.

I stumbled across a classified advert which led me to a youtube of how the trike came to be built. Fascinating stuff.
You don't need to read German to scroll through the pictures. And the video is without speaking- and the subtitles are self explanatory.

The classified (note vehicle is also available with electric motor at a higher price):

and a short video on how it was made

I don't know about you guys, but I love the concept. I don't think I'd be able to persuade the wife to let me buy it, or find a family member willing to tandem up for rides. And it is not something small enough to purchase hopeful she wouldn't stumble across it.  8)

If the seller weren't the other side of the country, I'd love to have had a look and beg for a test ride though.

Now I need to scratch an itch I didn't realize I even had until spotting this  :o

Very innovative but I suspect that it could be challenging to maintaining progress in the desired direction on a windy day.

John Saxby:

--- Quote ---Now I need to scratch an itch I didn't realize I even had until spotting this
--- End quote ---

Great stuff, Steve.  No end to human ingenuity, eh? -- and no electronics in evidence, either!

Have to say, tho', that the mental image of two heads poking up through the two holes in the cover spooked me a bit -- targets for flying wotsits...

Some years back I saw a picture of a rider on a two-wheeler (was it a recumbent?) encased in an aerodynamic envelope body, just the head poking up into the airstream, and all sorts of 'orrible possibilities insisted in appearing on my mental screen. All that aside, it looked like a interesting device...

(And that in turn brings to mind the old comment, "Aside from that, Mrs Lincoln, how did you enjoy the play?")

Cheers,  John


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