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Interested in trading bikes for a Raven or Raven Tour?

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Hi, I have a 2020 Genesis Croix de Fer 20 in orange, size large and a 2020 Kuota Khama carbon framed road bike with 105 also large. Both are immaculate and as new. I detail cars and treat my bikes to the same care and attention. Iím looking for a Raven or Raven Tour with a Rohloff hub and wish to trade mine for one. The combined value of both my bikes was about £3,300 and provided the Raven is also immaculate then Iíd swap both for it. Iím 5í10Ē so sized to fit. Can anyone help? Thanks. I can provide plenty pictures! Iím based in East Lothian about 30 minutes from Edinburgh and am happy to travel.

Hi Scotsray,

I have seen your wanted advert and have a couple of questions to ask:-
Are you thinking of doing a long camping trip?
Do you have all the necessary camping equipment?

I have a Raven Tour that I bought in 2016. It is matt black with Son dynamo, Cinq 5 charger, Andra css rims, Shimano double sided pedals, Ergon 3 cork grips, Brooks B17 saddle, Tubos Logic Evo rear rack, Tubos Tara front rack, B&M front and rear lights.

I sold my house this year and should have been cycling around the world this year but covid has put the dampers on that. A week after accepting the offer on my house I was told that I had terminal cancer (right out of the blue) and a year or 18 months to live. I have some great quality camping equipment and the bike is just a joy to ride. I realise that you would prefer an exchange but if you do find a buyer for your bikes, you may be interested in mine?

Whatever the outcome, I wish you success and you will NOT find a better bike than a Thorn Raven or Nomad for your touring. I also have a Raven Sports Tour which is the dogs danglies for a quick spin and light touring. There are some scratches in spite of me being careful with my bikes, but one cannot always legislate for a sudden gust of wind that decides to blow your bike over - damn!!! I can email photos of the bikes but they were taken when brand new and do not TRULY reflect the present condition, which is more than good.

I will leave my phone number if you would prefer to talk. 07533 325 415

Best regards



I have emailed you a reply but didnít want your response to appear unanswered on the forum

I am desperately sorry to hear of your diagnosis and there is nothing I can say that will have real meaning other than to again express my sadness at the news.

I have not yet listed my bikes anywhere else as I wanted to try the forum and am looking for the least hassle possible. I have had a Thorn Raven Tour previously and would love another as I regretted selling it but was cycling with a group of friends who were all on road bikes. Iím not a competitive sort and prefer bimbling about on my own.

All the very best to you and yours.


lewis noble:
Our regards and all best wishes to you, Ian.


Hi Ray,

Thank you for your open reply. I haven't located an email though.
No problems whatsoever and hope that it works out for you.
Selling a Thorn Raven is like losing an arm - damned good bikes and no argument there.

Hi lewis,

Thanks for your words.
Your saddle still remains on the RST and will do until....

Enough morbidity. No regrets from me and can honestly look back and be thankful for the life I have had.
In spite of my condition, I know there are people in a worse position than myself and would envy what I have had.
Sincere and best wishes to everyone on this forum

Ian  8)


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