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Flat mudguards
« on: November 25, 2021, 06:39:44 PM »
Has anyone used flat mudguards?
On my 2016 Mercury I have 700x35 tyres. In normal use there is sufficient room between the tyre and the mudguard (SKS I think).
However, when on bridleways and off road trails, especially in damp conditions, debris often builds up.
Occasionally this can be enough to cause considerable friction and it is difficult to remove.
I was thinking of trying some alloy Contec mudguards.
My thinking is that debris, especially mud, is less likely to build-up. If is does, it should be easier to remove.
Any thoughts?
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Re: Flat mudguards
« Reply #1 on: November 25, 2021, 06:58:33 PM »
I can offer a data point: Many years ago, I bought and mounted a set of handmade thin wooden flat mudguards, made in Denmark. Beautiful things, they looked like furniture. I had in mind the same goal as yourself and for the same reasons. It is also easy to made flat 'guards from aluminum strip.

The trouble with them was the very virtues you mentioned were also their downside -- they contained direct spray but everything beyond that was pushed to the sides and back/up/every direction onto me. Not pleasant and nearly as wet as no 'guards at all in the rain at speed. The same happened with mud.

I switched back to standard mudguards with an arc shape on that bike and they did indeed address all these problems...and also clogged. I sprayed the underside with "PAM", an aerosol vegetable oil intended for cooking. It helped release the mud buildup when they did clog.

One "solution" I found helpful on that bike was to switch to road slicks. Strangely enough, they did not work significantly less well on mud, but far less clung to them because there was no tread for it to build up upon and get carried 'round to pack up under the 'guard.

On my Nomad, I have pretty generous clearances and if I anticipate a desert tour with wet playa, I crank in some extra clearance by removing spaces between 'guards and bridges/fork crown and extend the eyebolts on the stays (I long ago replaced the flush-cut stays with ones that extend beyond the brackets and are safety-capped to allow extra adjustment).