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Sawtooth bike

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Andre Jute:
Those large-diameter blades can be their own discs: economical of components, low weight, lots of cooking surface.

I certainly wouldn't be fitting an electric motor to that bike without first contriving a dead man's throttle like on railway engines so that the default is for the wheels to stop turning.


John Saxby:
When the original rear "wheel" started cutting into the ice (very soft! -- mind you, at -25 or so, his wheel wouldn't, er, cut much ice in these parts), I thought, "This is gong to end badly, cold and wet."

Andre Jute:

--- Quote from: in4 on November 11, 2021, 01:22:50 PM ---OMDs Iíve just woken up in a Bruegel painting!
--- End quote ---

Marginally preferable to waking up in a Salvador Dali painting...


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