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Nomad disk brake

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--- Quote from: KDean on November 27, 2021, 09:02:18 PM ---Thanks for all the replies .I don't understand the design where you have to take the wheel off to remove the pads , every time you get squeaking it'll be a pain in the bum just to decontaminate them .

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Mine only squeak if it is very very humid or wet out.  Dry, no squeak.

You mention decontaminate them.  Not sure how you accomplish that.

You are not supposed to get any grease or oils on the rotor or pad.  The instructions that I have seen suggest not even handling rotors with your hands due to skin oils.  I have been careful to keeping my hands off of my rotor once installed.  Prior to using the new rotor but after I put it on the hub, I cleaned it off with rubbing alcohol before I used it.  My only disc brake is on one of my derailleur bikes, thus not exposed to Rohloff oils.

If you bought the bike with the brake installed, perhaps you do not have the instructions for the brake.


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