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Nomad disk brake

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I've noticed the one disk pad pushed the brake disk towards the opposite pad bending the disk slightly . I thought both pads moved ? Its a new bike so will both pads move equally once worn in ?

Depends on brand and model of brake unit.

TRP brakes (I think all models) move both pads in and out.

I think all others only have one pad that moves, the other pad is fixed.

What mickeg said.
Assuming mechanical disc, if you have a TRP brakes and only one side is moving there's something wrong with it, or the set up, if you have any other make then only one side is supposed to move.
TRP make a big thing about having both pads move, here's an explanation (From a manufacturer of a single sided brake) why what seems like an obvious improvement has it's drawbacks.

I was thinking cable operated brakes in my previous answer.

Mine are TRP Spyke . You also have to take the wheel off to change the pads , Unlike my Ribble  , I just hope the pads last longer than 3 days as they did on my Ribble while doing LEJOG .


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