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Marathon Plus Tour beats everything !
(IMHO of course)

In 26" x 50 mm, my two favourites are:

- Schwalbe Marathon Supreme for tarmac and occasional, careful use on tracks and paths. This is a lightweight, semi-slick tyre with a foldable Kevlar bead, quoted weight 560g. Unfortunately discontinued in the new Schwalbe catalogue, but still available at the moment on some German web stores. Not found an equivalent for this once the current stock has gone.

- Schwalbe Dureme when I reckon there will be a lot of riding off tarmac. Similar, but slightly heavier than the Supreme, with a slightly raised tread that might possibly be useful off tarmac and stronger sidewalls which IMO definitely are a good feature. Discontinued in the Schwalbe catalogue for several years now, but SJS/Thorn had some batches made to order. Don't know if they will bother to do this again, as the 26" 559 size seems to be getting marginalised.

In the current Schwalbe range, the nearest replacement for the Dureme is the Marathon Mondial with a foldable Kevlar bead, which has other improved features as compared to the cheaper wire-bead version. This is more of an expedition tyre, it has a more aggressive tread than the Dureme, is probably better protected on the sidewalls, and is supposed to be very hard-wearing. And heavier at 740g, but still substantially lighter than Schwalbe Marathon and Marathon Plus.

Thank You for all your  replies .

The best all round tyre depends heavily on how and where you ride- and what your expectations are.

The best tyre might be light
or with little rolling resistance
or tubeless
or not
or with puncture protection
or with off road tread
or slick
or a hybrid trekking tread
or great in the wet
or better in the dry

I personally love the Marathon plus range with reflex stripes for extra visibilty. I've discovered that one rarely needs tyres with chunky profile- even when off road, and the Marathon's with road tread work fine except in very slippery offroad conditions. From memory, the Big Apples I used to have on my MTB rolled slightly better than the Marathon Plus tyres I replaced them with. But the difference is hardly discernable. I prefer the peace of mind of the puncture resistance and resulting lower maintenance of the Marathon Plus tyres. For me, these are the best even if there are faster, lighter or better looking tyres on the market.

From personal experience- cheap unbranded tyres cost you more in service and replacement when they go wrong. Get a good quality branded tyre and you will own it long enough to vent about what you don't like in the 10,000 or more km or more riding you'll experience vice a cheapo that you'll likely need to trash after first puncture, or when it bulges or wears out prematurely.

While we are there- just how long is a piece of string these days?


--- Quote from: martinf on October 22, 2021, 09:49:15 PM ---Don't know if they will bother to do this again, as the 26" 559 size seems to be getting marginalised.
--- End quote ---

I think Duremes are the best! I contacted SJSC last year and someone replied that it is possible they will commission another production run if there is interest. But with covid shipping delays, etc., it might be sometime before they consider. Please contact SJSC and voice your interest in another production run of 26x2 Duremes.


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