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KAW King Arthurs Way


Has anyone done this on their Nomad ?  some say you need a MTB .

Isnt it King Alfreds Way? Not too sure. Still....

Havent done it but saw plenty who were attempting it. Some rode e bikes. Maybe I was there in May(Avebury). We walked part of it. Looked fairly demanding(tho I am more elderly now). People were coming in off of the trail splattered with mud. Well,part drenched in gloop: bike and rider(s). It was middling cold and the ground looked like it was wet kicking up mud. Then,it was covid days,so there was restriction on boarding. From what I ascertained, the riders were going to self camp. I thought it was something to do when you hadnt undertaken such an adventure before,but...if you did complete the circuit,you wouldnt be doing it again. This all presupposes bad weather. If its sunny and with some warmth,I think you would enjoy yourself. I guess there's many folk out there who could do in on 32s,and still with mudguards. I would think a more enjoyable experience would be with an off road bike,and some decent off road tyres. I cant imagine wanting to rush around the circuit,but other riders are better,fitter or have less time than what I would consider.

I think there are some great drop off points wherein you can spend an afternoon exploring,non bike mode. There's a crop circle  centre at Honey Street. Worth a look in. The lady has some interesting stories to tell if she's free and she has a moment.

B cereus:
I've not done any of it yet but I think you'll  be fine on your Nomad. It's predominantly an off road route and will be significantly more challenging after heavy rain. To get a flavour of what's possible and what to expect here are a couple of YouTube  links.

There's also lots of information on the  Cycling UK website.


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