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A great blue heron, a bear, and a butterfly: Notes on a mini-tour in late Aug.

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Well thanks back, John.  : :D ;D  Thus encouraged, I might even post a brief illustrated report on my favourite local day ride once lockdown here lifts enough for me to undertake it. Again the challenge will be to stop often enough to record its variety.

It's looking likely I'll get out for a week or so of overnights about the end of November. After that I'll be able to post something on how well the Merc handles a light camping load.

Yes a thought controlled camera would be one way of meeting the imaging need I expressed. There might be other options though. Perhaps the control could come partly from a remote on the handlebars, and the viewfinder could occupy one corner of some custom eyeglasses that doubled as sunglasses with photochromatic lenses.

Given that we now have the option of cycling along to turn-by-turn voiced directions from our phones, such an invention seems more limited by small market potential than by the technical challenge. Voiced turn-by-turn directions? Really? It's amazing how quickly the highly implausible becomes the commonplace.


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