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Andre Jute:
Thanks, George. That's something to work with. I have other commitments now and will get to it tomorrow.

Andre Jute:
At I've posted  a table, right at the bottom of the page, showing all the likely Chaingliderable transmission ratio choices in detail, gear by gear, for a cadence of 65rpm plus a couple around the currently highest permissible torque ratio of 1.9 which won't take a Chainglider but in which the bigger sprocket might deliver a bit better chain wear than a smaller bare sprocket.

The input data was for a 50mm x 26in Dureme, kindly supplied by Mickeg; thanks, George.

If anyone wants to see a table for a different size tyre, different gear combination, different cadence not already covered in the tables above the one I'm discussing here, let me know. I need to know the rolling diameter of the tyre and your everyday cadence.


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