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Schwalbe Dureme Cracked

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My tires show signs of wear.. They are from 2013-14, ride around 10.000 kms.

Do you think I have to replace them soon?

I reckon it depends on where you intend riding.

I still have the tyres I toured on in 2011, but have put them on my utility bike to finish them off. Mine are Supremes, so probably a bit more delicate than your Duremes. One of them has done over 12000 kms so far.

If I intended doing a long tour I would either (probably) fit new tyres before going, or (perhaps) take a spare in case a well-used tyre finally failed.

I'm on a road trip currently and even if I ride most of the time on the asphalt, i use as well gravel road.
I think to ride with a Crackle tires, you have most of chance to have flat tires..

And about Supreme Schwalbe, do you think it's a good choice on bike tour ?


--- Quote from: julio on October 09, 2021, 09:44:48 PM ---And about Supreme Schwalbe, do you think it's a good choice on bike tour ?

--- End quote ---

The 50 mm width of Schwalbe Supreme has done me about 20000 kms of riding so far on 26" and 650B wheel sizes, with very few punctures and (so far) no tyres destroyed on rocks or other "features" while riding off-road. And none worn out completely, although the treads on the oldest are slightly cracked, but not as much as your Duremes. Cracking may be less of an issue with almost slick tyres.

But I may have been very lucky, Supremes are lighter and more fragile than Duremes, especially at the sidewalls. There have been reports of sidewall damage destroying Supremes.

Normally I ride on tarmac roads. But I quite often use gravel or sand paths, and have used some fairly rocky tracks, even with a full touring load. And I have done probably about 2000 kms of survey work while riding on Supremes, most of this was on mild off-road surfaces. 

If doing a lot of off-road riding I reckon Duremes are better. The sidewalls are more substantial and should resist rocks better, plus the tread ought to work a bit better in some situations (Supremes are more or less slick).

Getting Duremes here in France would be a problem since Brexit, as they are only available from SJS.

Whereas Supremes, although they seem to be discontinued, are (at the moment) still available from German online retailers such as Bike24.

Marathon Mondials are still in the Schwalbe catalogue in 26", these are heavier than both Supremes and Duremes and will probably roll less easily on tarmac than either, while probably being better for off-road riding.

There might be something equivalent from other manufacturers such as Continental.

Thanks Martin for this detailed answer


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