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Re: Theft prevention
« Reply #120 on: November 10, 2021, 10:55:44 PM »
1.8kg is a lot of ballast for a bike and it won't prevent this new problem . I'm trying to think of a suitable counter-measure. Perhaps an exploding cartridge of dye fixed to the bike with a remote control, so the thieves get a good soaking. Something along the lines of this ?
It bit like a Skunk lock. I've always wondered how effective they are in real life.
I've gone in for the Hiplock kickstarter.


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Re: Theft prevention
« Reply #121 on: November 10, 2021, 11:46:03 PM »
The d1000 looks real interesting

Not sure it would be wide enough for me tho , I would want it to be able to go round modern think lampposts . I like the idea of lampposts as a place to sure youíre bike coz they are everywhere and you canít grind through it without getting electrocuted, unlike weak street furniture and bike  rails

I guess if you could find good places to attach it too

So will the d1000 knock the the abis granit extreme off its d lock throne ? 🤔


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Re: Theft prevention
« Reply #122 on: November 12, 2021, 11:28:05 AM »
There's a story and video doing the rounds of a group of youths using an angle grinder to remove a D lock and ride off on an expensive E-bike - all the while people are standing around watching and filming.  I'm not criticising those who didn't get involved, I'm not sure I would, such things can quickly escalate. What it does show is the lack of concern the youths have about being seen or caught.


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Re: Theft prevention
« Reply #123 on: November 23, 2021, 11:28:13 AM »
Vodafone have currently got some offers on trackers. While there is a bike tracker with a light and siren, the pet tracker is less expensive and has currently has a half price eSIM subscription offer of £1.50/month for a 24 month contract (offer end on 29th November). The bike tracker is made for seatpost mounting but the pet tracker could be fitted anywhere using a velcro cable tie or just get the basic tracker and put into a bag that lives on the bike. Battery life is only a few days but if the tracker is in a bag then it might work with a small power bank plugged in.