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Inserting Flikr pix


Matt2matt2002: the up-dated advice:


It seems Flickr has reorganized and updated things a bit, so the above tutorial has changed slightly. I'l leave it up for now as it may become useful again, but the new procedure for people with PCs is slightly different:

1) Go to the Flickr Photostream you want.

2) Click on the photo you want.

3) Click on the download arrow symbol, upper right on the page.

4) Click on the option to View All Sizes. This takes you to the Alt. size page.

5) Click on the photo-size you want, i.e. 640 (640x480). Photo in that size will open.

6) If you have a PC, right-click on the photo so the context menu opens. Choose Copy Image URL.

7) Go back to the the post you're composing on the Thorn Forum. Click on the "Insert Image" icon (2nd from left in middle row above the emoticons). Paste the Flickr Image URL you copied to the clipboard in Step 6.

Make your post; the photo should now be embedded.

But didn't work.

Is there new new guidance?

Best Matt
who really wants to insert pictures within text


This is what works for me!
First, sorry if it's stating the obvious, the photo has to be public, it's no use sharing a link for a private photo!
Find the photo you want to share
Click on the arrow in the bottom right hand corner
Choose BBCode from the options
Choose the image size
Copy the URL in that box (Not the one in the address bar)
Post it here, as it is, within the text box

D3 - View from the cable car station - PH by Paul, on Flickr

If you try to quote this post, you'll see what the photo looks like in text.

I thought I'd written this out before, though it was a couple of years ago

That post also rightly points out that you are directing people to your flickr account where they will be able to browse your public photos.

I'll check when back at the chez Newton.
It could be the pix weren't public.
Many thanks for advice.




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