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Real nice visit with JimK today!

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--- Quote ---I have hugely enjoyable memories of meeting you both, separately: visiting you, Dan, in July 2013...
--- End quote ---
Me too, John! Greatly enjoyed your visit and staying in touch since. Attached is a nice photo to commemorate the day.

Makes me wish there was a way for us all to meetup for an in-person chat-fest.

All the best,


I'm back in Utah after my whirlwind trip to Oregon. I sure wish I had been on my bike instead of towing a UHaul trailer with my pickup truck... I keep trying to get my life organized and simplified so I can focus more on what's important, cycling being up in the top few items... but the process of simplification is anything but simple, I fear!

Grand fun chewing over the full range of topics with Dan, that's for sure! Good conversation... that might be a notch above cycling on my list!



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