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Schwalbe Duremes 26x2

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ups. sorry, Hendrich ;D

Lorenzo, if I understand correctly. Schwalbe discontinued the Duremes some time ago, but SJSC/Thorn thought so highly of the tire that they had a batch made specifically for SJSC. That batch has recently sold out, and with interest in 26" fading, SJSC will think about demand before paying for another batch. Perhaps the year wait is due to covid problems with manufacturing. Nevertheless, it would be good to let SJSC know there is still demand.

John Saxby:
Hey Mike, good on yer for making such a tour this year!  I envy you & Susan.  Hoping I might be able to do a mini-tour in W Québec in late Aug/early Sept.

And good luck nudging SJSC for another batch of Duremes.

I have to believe that's doable, tho' the final decision may rest with Schwalbe...

Cheers,  John 

Hi John,
Many interesting things along the tour, including Sand Hill cranes...always stunning to see such large birds.  I have journaled some of our trips in past, but I find it tedious, perhaps cycleblaze. If we can enter Canada next year, Gaspe is in our sites again. Good luck with a tour in late August, sounds wonderful. Route Verte I presume?

A quick note on Duremes.  I have a couple Duremes that I bought several years ago, very nice rolling tire, 50mm wide.  Then later saw one on a website at a clearance price and bought one more, that one is much stiffer and slower rolling.

The first ones I got are labeled Double Defense, the slower one I bought later is labeled Tandem Ready in red print.

I do not know what the special batch that SJS got was, I did not buy from that batch. 

I am just pointing out that there have been different Duremes over time.  The "Double Defense" ones I like how well they roll, the "Tandem Ready" one was at a price that I can't complain but I am not sure if I will ever be happy with it.  I might use that on front next time I do a really heavily loaded tour on my Nomad Mk II.

I just took a photo that shows the difference in labeling.


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