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Schwalbe Duremes 26x2

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We rode 26x2 inch Duremes on our tour this year, which we just finished. Midwest US: Iowa>Minnesota>Wisconsin>UP Michigan>Michigan. A mix of roads and trails, 1800 miles. We ride a tandem and camp. No flats and the wider tires were great for the mix of conditions. I very much appreciate other peoples comments that these are one of the best touring tires ever made.

As many of you are aware, these Duremes are a special production batch for SJS. I was going to purchase more tires after the high Covid-induced shipping costs reduced, but SJS has since sold out. I have contacted SJS and they responded that they might commission another batch next year. You may wish to add you voice to encourage another production run.


Running a pair on my tandem too. Good all round tyres that handle most surfaces well. Not had a visit from the puncture fairies yet either (Touch wood ! )  Got a spare in waiting..

Dear Hendrich,
pressing sjs not to discontinue the duremes is an excellent idea, I was going to do the same (after watching a youtube clip where the quality of the duremes was celebrated).

Who did you talk to specifically at sjs?

thanks for your interest. John from SJS said "Not anytime soon I'm afraid- maybe sometime next year?" Hopefully they will! The Duremes are awesome.

hi Henrich, I will send sjs an email just to convey the idea that there is market interest in such tires. I suspect the disappearance of duremes has more to so with supply problems due to covid than anything else. There is clearly a shortage of tires. And I have been waiting for the restocking of Thornís cranks for almost one year!


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