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Wanted: Torque Specifications for Nomad


Does anyone have or can they point me to a listing of the torque specifications for the Nomad?  Thanks in advance!

Do you have any particular nut or bolt in mind? 

And there have been a few different Nomad models, from the UK brazed derailleur bikes to the Rohloff only welded frame, to the current Mk III.

I have a Nomad II with Rohloff.   I'm interested in the following torque specifications:
1.  Bottom bracket
2.  Pedals to bottom bracket
3.  Seat Post
4.  Racks to frame


I can't speak for Thorn, they might have different numbers in mind.  I worked at a bike shop decades ago but we never used torque wrenches at the shop.  On bikes I only use a torque wrench on square taper crank bolts and on my Ritchey Break Away bike I use a torque wrench on the downtube coupler bolt.  Otherwise I just rely on decades of past experience and go by feel without a torque wrench.

Some things to consider:

1 - Shimano and other bottom bracket manufacturers probably have published bottom bracket specifications, you could check that.  I just tighten until it is quite tight.  I do not have an adapter to connect my bottom bracket wrenches to a torque wrench, thus I never try to find a torque specification.

2 - If you are talking about pedals to crank arms, I do not know anyone that uses a torque wrench for that, I just get it good and tight.  But most bike mechanics tighten these more than necessary.  I suggest just tightening it to the point where you think you will be able to remove it later when you need to but you will need to apply some effort to do so.  I apply grease to the thread first.  These can tighten somewhat with use, but you do need to wrench them tight.

3 and 4 - I do not know if there are any specific numbers from Thorn on this.  This is a standard M6 bolt.  I do not use a torque wrench on these bolts, perhaps you might want to use a generic torque for bolts of that size.  Rack bolts, I use stainless bolts and I use a threadlocker on them so I probably do not tighten them as much as I could.  Seatpost, I think that my seatpost has a slightly undersize diameter because I have to tighten it on my Mk II Nomad more than I have to on other bikes.  I worry that I might break it so I (1) cut a slot in the bolt so that if I did break it I could use a screw driver in that slot to extract the part of the bolt that is still threaded into the frame, and (2) I use S&S coupler grease on my seatpost bolt, that is an uncommon grease that I suspect you do not have. 

When I said rack bolts are M6, the stainless fittings at the frame dropouts on the Nomad are M6 but the threaded holes in the frame are M5, thus if you do not have those but are installing your rack bolts directly into the frame, you need an M5 bolt, not M6.  These are the stainless fittings on my Nomad Mk II:

If you need more info, I suggest you contact SJS directly.

Thanks for the tips and insight.

Good suggestion about checking the manufacturer's spec sheets.   I checked the Shimano website for its bottom bracket torque specs..for mine its 50-70 nMeters.  Pedals to cranks are 35-50 nMeters - without the same experience as you I wouldn't know if I tightened it enough or not enough.  I'll check with SJS regarding the other specs - I'm a stickler for standardization/consistency except when on the road when tight enough is good enough.  Thanks again! 


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