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Snap, Steve.
Mine has been on for 7+ years and all of my tours.
So, 14,000 miles / 22.000+Km
Within the last six months one of the 'tags/clips' at the front part has malfunctioned. This leaves a small gap. The issue is solved with a small piece of black gorilla tape.
Given the length of service over some demanding rides/ weather/ winters, I don't count this against the Chainglider.


--- Quote from: steve216c on May 19, 2021, 08:03:39 PM ---I know there are a few Chainglider dislikes (haters is perhaps too extreme) in the forum. I cannot speak for them. But I am a convert. 
--- End quote ---
I have no like for them - aesthetics, complicates wheel removal, simply doesn't address any issue I've had.
But that's on my bike, I have no dislike about whatever anyone else does to theirs.
Where it gets complicated is where people are advocating without appreciating their opinions might not be the only ones, but hey-ho such is life.

Captain Bubble:

--- Quote from: steve216c on May 19, 2021, 08:03:39 PM ---I am in to almost 5000km of Chainglider ownership. Mine has been off a a couple of times for tyre changes and other maintenance. But Iím convinced the glider has slowed wear and chain maintenance and well worth the minor purchase cost.

I know there are a few Chainglider dislikes (haters is perhaps too extreme) in the forum. I cannot speak for them. But I am a convert.  I rarely clean my bike. So if you see the dried mess on my chainglider from the last couple of weeks, you can see how much grime has been kept away from the chain. And keeping the crud out means longer gaps between lubrication intervals and less friction on the chain which stays clean.

--- End quote ---

Me too. Wouldn't ride without one on the bike that it is currently on. Had a rocky start with it though, but persevered and now I take it for granted. The few disadvantages far out weigh the many and compelling advantages of fitting one. Two thumbs up from me.

I've gone from sceptic to fan. I now have Chaingliders on 6 of the 12 family bikes.

I've noticed that sometimes I don't choose my Raven Sport Tour because of the weather or the type of route because I want to try and keep the chain clean. So I will probably go through the hassle of fitting a Chainglider to this bike, where I will have to change the chainring and cut the rear section of a Chainglider to fit the seatstay.

The other 5 bikes can't be fitted with a Chainglider - 3 Bromptons, my old derailleur lightweight (hardly ever used now) and one of the visitor bikes that has vertical dropouts and hence needs a chain tensioner. The latter is a nuisance, because on that bike a Chainglider would have the added bonus of keeping chain lube off ordinary clothing and preventing loose clothing from catching between chainring and chain.

Not for everyone :

- It will only fit hub gear or single-speed bikes with a specific range of chainring/sprocket sizes. And on some frames it will interfere with the seatstay.
- Some chainrings (notably the excellent Thorn ones) will rub. This may or may not reduce to an acceptable level after the ring/Chainglider wear together. On my old utility bike with 1/8" TA chainring I stopped noticing the rubbing noise after a few hundred kms, and there was no significant friction from the beginning.
- If used in very dirty/wet conditions, some muck and water will still get in. IMO the Chainglider is still very useful in these conditions as it allows much longer maintenance intervals. 
- Aesthetics. People have different criteria concerning this. I quite like the look, and prefer it to seeing a dirty chain that would make me feel guilty about not cleaning it. Then again, the questionable aesthetics of cable ties, bolt on light brackets and so on don't bother me when these items serve a purpose. 

An observation on this thread progress:
Genuinely impressed with the way folks state their case/ opinion and leave it there.
None of the typical 'Facebook' rants & raves.
Makes membership of this Forum a pleasure.




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