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John Saxby:
One other thing 'bout my 'glider, let me call it an asset:  I was rereading my journal of my ride through the Rockies & Cascadia to the western ocean in 2016, and I noticed that on several occasions, my 'glider became a conversation piece, along with the Rohloff.  That led to enjoyable moments.  I had to explain to some folks, tho', that I wasn't avant-garde, just an OWF -- that plastic thingy kept me chain clean, it wasn't a carbon belt.

Cheers,  J.

I had a chain glider on my old raven tour. It worked pretty well although mud and water did get in. I removed it each year for cleaning. I couldnít get it to run smoothly on my raven sport tour which has much tighter clearances so it was discarded. There are times I miss it on muddy tracks but in general the periodic change of the transmission is not that expensive or difficult.


--- Quote from: Matt2matt2002 on May 20, 2021, 09:19:22 AM ---An observation on this thread progress:
Genuinely impressed with the way folks state their case/ opinion and leave it there.
None of the typical 'Facebook' rants & raves.
Makes membership of this Forum a pleasure.



--- End quote ---

Yes, this is a great forum. I think i may have given up on Facebook for life. Might go back but at this point in my life itís not good for my health ☺️ Still have an account which is handy for other things, but deleted all my friends and said farewell.

il say it again, well done chaps, THIS IS A GREAT FORUM 🙂

A very positive move re Facebook. Empowering I guess, not being a user of it. Always thought it was a partly useful thing but also the repository of the unappealing. Here is a great place to learn, enjoy, exchange, partially vent oneís spleen, all founded upon our shared enjoyment  of Thorn bikes and riding them. Exiting pulpit now 😉

Update to my May 2021 post:

8 of the family bikes now have a Chainglider fitted - I converted my old derailleur lightweight with an S5/2 five-speed hub gear and put a Chainglider on it. I'm using it a little more often now.

So I now have 3 Brompton folders and 1 bike with vertical dropouts remaining without Chaingliders.


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