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A new Scottish route

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Of interest to some, perhaps?

Interesting but somewhat far from home for me.

And, roughly on-topic, Sustrans currently has a regional map sale, many of which are for Scotland

Bit short on detail Matt, what is that?  A new  Sustrans Route?  Another Tourist Board promotion?  Someone's random holiday plans?
There's already a recognised Hebrides E2E,  Hebridean Way, though the nature of the islands means to see the best there's a lot of out and back riding to do. I'm glad the above includes a trip out to Bahltos, one of my favourite roads of all time and some stunning beaches.  There's some odd out and back legs on the mainland though, A87 and A830, I've ridden both to get somewhere, but I wouldn't go out of my way to do so again.
Having sent me down memory lane (Flipping heck it was over ten years ago) here's a couple of photos, the first two are on that route, but nothing Scotland has to offer IMO beats the beauty of Iona which isn't.
5 Shelter by Paul, on Flickr

12 and more sand by Paul, on Flickr

Deserted Beech on Iona by Paul, on Flickr

What's new about it?

It was new to me.
And I thought it might have been of interest to some other folk here.

Back in your box, Matt.


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