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Thorns Half Way Across Australia

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Andre Jute:
The Right Stuff and plenty of it! Good luck, fellows.

The journey around the coastline of Oz by VW Campervan was more than challenging enough for me. But it gives one a miniature taste of how tough your ride is.

Respectful tip of the hat.

We made it!
It took 42 days to cover about 3,800 km and over 7000 metres of ascent. Australia isnít as flat as it looks. Average daily distance was 90-100 km. We had three rest days.

Ian on the Thorn Nomad diverted south to Margaret River and rode well over 4000km with a higher daily average km. And heís intending to ride back to Canberra!

Well done gents !

Andre Jute:

Lugging all that water...

Yes access to water is a major consideration for about 2000km of the 3800km ride.
I had enough containers to carry up to 12 litres, but I only needed to carry this full volume a few days. Most days carrying 4-8 litres was enough, depending how far the next roadhouse or hamlet was away.
Autumn temperatures were very mild, so heat caused dehydration wasnít a problem.


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