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Thorns Half Way Across Australia

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With two friends Iím cycling east to west (almost) across Australia. Two of the three touring bikes are Thorns.
One Sherpa. One Nomad.
Yesterday we arrived in Ceduna which is approximately half-way.
The photo is of the two Thorn riders. Ian Wallis and me.
Ianís yellow Thorn Nomad carried him from St John Cycles in Somerset to Singapore about ten years ago. Itís done numerous very challenging, long distance tours.

Good luck with your challenge of a ride. Safe riding.

So how come you get to carry all the water for Ian?  :o

Thanks Steve.
This photo was set up to show off our Thorn bikes unloaded yesterday at the campground we were staying at.
When riding, all riders in the group are self sufficient for water, camp gear, food etc
Water is in short supply out here.

What a great adventure and read. The cycleblaze journals are a great appetiser. Post-covid this Ianís Nomad will be hitting the road too. Thanks for the share.

Mike Ayling:
They arrived in Perth WA a couple of days ago.



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