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Weight limit on Karrimor Uplift?

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Hi All!

Does anyone know/remember what the upper weight limit was on the Karrimor Uplift saddlebag support?

I have two Uplifts..and two Carradice Camper Longflaps -- thank you again to Forum member JulK for one. :)

For those unfamiliar, the Carradice bags' upper straps attach to the little frame of the Uplift, then the two tabs on the middle rail of the frame engage the bag loops on a Brooks saddle. The whole lot is secured with the usual lower strap that goes from the bag 'round the seatpost.

These Karrimor Uplifts are sure convenient and the hold the saddlebag so it doesn't hit the back of my thighs and the bag essentially "drafts" me in the windstream. Off the bike, they Uplift rotates to serve as a carry handle. My only concern is the amount of torque they place on the saddle frame's bag loops -- I'd sure hate to trade convenience for an early saddle frame failure. ::) I do have some clamp-on saddlebag loops that would substitute for the Brooks ones,oriented differently but might work:

I'm looking to carry about 6.5kg _in_ the bag; basically, my ultralight camping setup shown here:

Thanks in advance for any insights on the upper weight limit. Rualexander? I remember you use one...



A Google search may have just answered my question...

Carradice make a "Carradice Classic Saddlebag Rack" that is functionally the same as my Karrimor Uplift -- fits the same way in the Brooks saddle's bag loops, anyway.

They say it has a "Maximum recommended load of 6kg". See:

Still interested to see how much people have loaded on these things.



B cereus:
I was about to draw your attention to the 6kg limit of the Carradice product but you beat me to it. A word of warning here, I've seen reports of these uplifts damaging the saddlebag loops on Brookes Cambium saddles, which have aluminium  cantle plates.

I'm sure you're aware that Carradice also make various other saddlebag supports and attachment systems. I can recommend the  Bagman which is rated to 10kg. Load capacity can be further increased with the optional support struts. My Bagman also has the quick release saddle clamp which makes fitting and removing the bag even more convenient.

My own preference.

After at least 25 years I'm still using the Kwiklift made by W.G. Lord on 3 of my bikes. This is no longer available but could be copied by someone with good DIY skills.

I haven't photographed my own, but photos from the CTC forum are still visible by scrolling down on this link I first posted in 2016:

I never think about the weight, but I have probably been over 6 Kg on occasion. The Kwiklift clamps onto the saddle rails. On two of my bikes the saddles are the titanium version of the B17, on the other bike I have an old B66 Champion saddle with the softer springs, I had to modify the uplift to fit on that.

I reckon a Kwiklift copy should be fine with a 6 Kg load on a steel-railed Brooks B17.


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