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Thorn Sherpa Radio Interview

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--- Quote from: energyman on April 16, 2021, 09:23:26 AM ---I'm here in the UK.
Anybody find anything yet ?
Bike looks well loaded !

--- End quote ---
Yes the Thorn Sherpa is loaded ready for a 4000km ride starting on Sunday.
Iíll fine tune the load tomorrow and might reduce the base-load slightly as I need space to carry 10-12 litres of water for some stretches of the ride.

Interview starts  about 1hr 45 mins into the Fri 16 Apr episode.

Gotcha now Many thanks !
Isn't the Internet a wonderful thing.
Mind you, just finished my Friday ride down the fen to the pie shop then back home via the tea shop in Woodhall Spa.
Makes your 4k ride amazing !

My first ever cycle tour on a loaded bike took me into The Fens from London in early 1979. It was an amazing experience Iíve never forgotten.

John Saxby:
Good on yer, Graham, and your Sherpa adds suitably colourful commentary, just standing still.

Not a lot of touring cyclists getting interviewed on radio, so good for you 'n' ABC.  Last year, as the pandemic was locking onto most of Canada, I heard a delightful interview on CBC with a musician from St John's, Newfoundland, who was touring Atlantic Canada with his guitar, strapped to his bike, giving live performances in all four Atlantic provinces. (Atlantic Canada had its own bubble at the time.)  The announcer said, "Just visit our website to see Buddy Wossisname and his bike."  So I did but I couldn't find the photo. (Buddy W, BTW, is Nfld slang for any fella, employed here 'cos I couldn't recall his name  :( )

Safe journey, mate, & keep hydrated!


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