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--- Quote from: JohnR on October 23, 2021, 10:53:18 AM ---1.8kg is a lot of ballast for a bike and it won't prevent this new problem . I'm trying to think of a suitable counter-measure. Perhaps an exploding cartridge of dye fixed to the bike with a remote control, so the thieves get a good soaking. Something along the lines of this ?

--- End quote ---
It bit like a Skunk lock. I've always wondered how effective they are in real life.
I've gone in for the Hiplock kickstarter.

The d1000 looks real interesting

Not sure it would be wide enough for me tho , I would want it to be able to go round modern think lampposts . I like the idea of lampposts as a place to sure youíre bike coz they are everywhere and you canít grind through it without getting electrocuted, unlike weak street furniture and bike  rails

I guess if you could find good places to attach it too

So will the d1000 knock the the abis granit extreme off its d lock throne ? 🤔

There's a story and video doing the rounds of a group of youths using an angle grinder to remove a D lock and ride off on an expensive E-bike - all the while people are standing around watching and filming.  I'm not criticising those who didn't get involved, I'm not sure I would, such things can quickly escalate. What it does show is the lack of concern the youths have about being seen or caught.

Vodafone have currently got some offers on trackers. While there is a bike tracker with a light and siren, the pet tracker is less expensive and has currently has a half price eSIM subscription offer of £1.50/month for a 24 month contract (offer end on 29th November). The bike tracker is made for seatpost mounting but the pet tracker could be fitted anywhere using a velcro cable tie or just get the basic tracker and put into a bag that lives on the bike. Battery life is only a few days but if the tracker is in a bag then it might work with a small power bank plugged in.

My long run of a couple of decades without incident came to an end on Monday when someone tried to snatch my E-Bike while I was sat on a bench next to it!  They first sat at the same bench, which was a little odd to start with as there were plenty of empty ones, then tried to engage me in conversation about the bike "how fast it goes?" "How far have you been?"  then "How heavy is it?"  I was giving vague answers, I was minding my own business and wasn't really interested in a conversation.  After asking how heavy he got up and went over to the bike as if to lift it and see, I asked him not to touch it, alarm bells started ringing in my head, I was on my feet, though at this point I still thought he was being obnoxious rather than a threat.. Then he was off, trying to wheel the bike away and mount it, I hung onto the rack (Hampered by the phone still in my hand, which I'd have been better of dropping, it ended up on the floor anyway and is in a protective case), then it all gets a bit blurred, there was a scuffle, I ended up on the floor, but held onto his leg, some staff came out from the building I was outside (Derby Velodrome) told me I could let go and basically chased him off (I don't want to seem ungrateful, but I thought when they told me to let go they'd have detained him) Police involved, they have CCTV and a good description, they've taken my coat for fingerprints because apparently it's a more serious offence if there's evidence he laid hands on me!
Still a bit shaky about it, I don't know whether to laugh or cry, there was no way he was just going to ride off on it, there must be easier ways to steal a bike. On the other hand, I wonder if I should just have let him, I acted on instinct, but these things can escalate, I'd rather have lost the bike than stabbed or kicked in the head while on the floor.  I have a sore wrist from hanging on and a grazed knee from hitting the floor, but it could have been worse. Then there's all the times when I've been sat next to the bike and he could have got away with it, I'm often sat on a park bench with the bike behind it, engrossed in a book or the phone... if, if, if...
It has reinforced my opinion, expressed a couple of posts up, that many of those who would steal bikes have no concern about being seen and recognised.
I don't want to get paranoid, I just tried a nurses lock I have kicking around but it won't go round the 60mm tyre, maybe I'll look into a bigger one. But then maybe it'll be another twenty years till the next incident.



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