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Are winter tyres/spikes worth it for riding on frosty days

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I did not mention this before, but my some of my bike routes have very few hills.  If I anticipated much ice, I would want studs on both front and rear, on the rear for uphill traction.

Do you have hills on your commute that could be icy?

It can be just as easy to fall off if you lose traction with the rear wheel in icy conditions - most likely when cornering / leaning the bike or honking out of the saddle. I always fit front and rear winter tyres when needed.


--- Quote from: mickeg on November 18, 2021, 11:46:05 AM ---Do you have hills on your commute that could be icy?

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Since my office moved earlier this year, my new commute is reasonably flat with no steep inclines and on reasonable road and paved bike paths. My old office involved a couple of steep hills in each direction including one unpaved hill where the extra traction on the rear was helpful last winter.

There are a couple of exposed bridges that do get icy, but these are at least level and straight or with minimal incline


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