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I am very interested to learn from other forum members about there cooking setup for long tours.  I realise now that the N+1 rule applies to cooking stoves too. I have acquired 7 over the years.  It was time for a review.

I need to up my game with recipes to steer clear of freeze-dried dependencies and save costs. Apart from the usual staples, who can post a great recipe that has become a favourite?

I enjoyed reading that, a different outlook to mine, I cook as a last resort when cycling.  I like eating out, or even takeaways, or just basics from a supermarket.
I had a Jetboil before they had any EU distribution, a present from a friend touring in the US, it was much derided as a gimmick on this or other forum, buy those wise campers... I think it's enduring popularity and the number of imitations have proved them wrong.  It eventually wore out last year and resisting the temptation to replace like with like I bought one of the imitations, the Primus Lite+.  Primus have taken it up a notch, smaller and faster, but it's lost a little functionality and would rightly be called a gas kettle. Which is fine with me,  that's all I need.
Although I haven't been away much this year, it's small and light enough to have come on some day rides, which has been handy in present circumstances.

An extract from one of my favourite armchair cycle touring websites,

Your touring site is way up there too!

Incidentally Iím pleased to report that the burnt out car on NCN41 where it goes under the M49 in Avonmouth was removed (into a neighbouring field where no doubt itíll become a wildlife haven)  in late 2018 - an email to Bristol City Council ccíd to Sustrans had the desired effect! Sorry it wasnít able to be removed before you rode through....

Some nice recipes - I need to up my game. I like a good restaurant too, but I am trying to keep costs down on the longer trips.

Excellent if only to inform that I too have too many stoves!
Favourite Trangia mini over all the rest including Trangia full sized.


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