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Thorn Audax Mk 3
« on: September 16, 2020, 10:54:52 AM »
Steel is real: here is my Thorn Audax Mk 3, built out of 858 double butted seamless custom tubes. Shes built up with Excellent Shimano 105 wheels, 105 derailleurs, Sora chains and Brifters and Shimano brakes. Frame size is 570ML, which Thorn believe is right for people of heights from 175 cm to 190cm. Tyres are Continental Contacts. Mudguards are high quality ABS.

She was built up a couple of years ago and has been lightly used since then, covering no more than 20 miles. She is delightful to ride, lightweight, taught and, as Thorn reports, recognised to be an incredibly good handling bike.

Im selling as Ive too many bikes and not enough storage

She's on e-Bay at present, but I'm happier to sell on here.