Author Topic: Classified brand Wireless IGH cassette hub for 1x to 2x conversion  (Read 309 times)


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Interesting development, title pretty much says it all.

Classified (a component brand) has developed a proprietary internally-geared rear cassette hub that has a 2-speed range. This is designed for gravel bikes and such that use a single chainring with a superwide-range cassette (called a 1x or "One-by" drivetrain). An IGH in the rear hub won't change the high wear rate of a single chainring paired with a wide range cassette (excessive chainline deflection). The idea here is to reduce the size of the lowest/largest rear cog on the cassette while still using only one chainring, an idea currently popular with the gravel crowd.

The guts of the hub can be transferred from one bike to another provided both bikes have the same hub shell. All electronics an the battery are housed in the through-axle. I have no idea whether it runs in an oil bath or simply grease.

Shifting is wireless and compatible with Shimano Di2 road levers.

More details and photos at this link:




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Re: Classified brand Wireless IGH cassette hub for 1x to 2x conversion
« Reply #1 on: August 24, 2020, 10:50:33 AM »
I've seen and discussed this elsewhere - They make a big thing about the speed of the hub shift and the ability to do so under load, but that shift is 70%, so is highly unlikely to be done in isolation and the corresponding cassette shifts are subject to the same rules as any other. 
It is interesting, the argument against IGH in the racing world is the weight and the inability to fine tune your gear range.  Neither of these things really matter to the non racing cyclist, but fashion dictates that recreational cyclists need to follow.  Who knows where fashion will lead us, but I see little practical value down this avenue.


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Re: Classified brand Wireless IGH cassette hub for 1x to 2x conversion
« Reply #2 on: August 24, 2020, 04:07:06 PM »
I see this as an intriguing development, though I agree fully with PH's points at the same time.  I recently saw some 12 speed rear cassettes, the new "thing" I suspect, with 10-50 and up to 10 - 53 I believe.  It seemed the size of a medium Pizza stuck to the back hub and went from 150 to 325 dollars. 

I couldn't help the fist emotion that went through me. That cycling has turned into some freak fetish, and silly high pricing is a plus for many.  Perhaps it makes them feel extra special.  Then I felt guilty and have been trying to see the positives, and suppressing the knowledge that not long ago they, the marketers, were herding the crowd in the other direction.

But I like it now.  Pizza drive trains will look cool after a twelve pack, and soon enough this model will be upgraded to a tree speed, and we are back to the post war era.  Perhaps soon they will bring out a new 5 speed to mate to it?  Just imagine the marketing. Five speed narrow range gearing with extra durable chains which you will be able to pick up for under $150 on sale eventually.  The chains, dubbed "fatDriveX-1Pro super" will be rated for cross country gravel racing (yay!) and due to the lesser wind resistance of five speed external on three and four speed internal - well, I know I'll need one.


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Re: Classified brand Wireless IGH cassette hub for 1x to 2x conversion
« Reply #3 on: August 26, 2020, 09:45:46 AM »
Slightly off course.
What I really like (not!) is how it has been rammed into cyclists and cycle shops plus any other person to have anything to do with cycles. DO NOT use big ring with big cog and DO NOT use little ring with little cog!
Now 'all of a sudden' to feed the growing market it is OK to use a single ring with 11 or 12 cogs at the back!
Wow, who thought that one up I wonder?
I still would not use a single ring with more than four cogs at the back.
Please do not get me started with MTBs , err oops I mean 'Gravel bikes'!