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Rohloff hard tail touring bike/mtb

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Hi, Advice wanted really. I am going on a supported tour (so limited luggage) with a fair amount of off-road. The organisers strongly recommend an mtb so as to have front suspension, and the most common regret of previous participants is apparently not to have had suspension. The trip is (at least) a year and a half away so I am in no great rush to sort a bike, but it's never too early to start! I'd like the bike to work for trail riding/gentle single track when not away.
I ride a Mercury 610 at the moment, so I am a definite rohloff enthusiast, and pretty keen on Thorn. My plan was to wait until a Sterling came up for sale, and after waiting six months or so I finally managed to buy one. Transglobal Express/DHL were engaged to ship the bike to me, and have managed to 'lose' it at their warehouse!
I'm not sure how long I will have to wait for another, so I thought I would ask if any forum members might have any advice as to possible alternatives?
I think I'm looking for an mtb suitable for fairly gentle trail riding, and comfortable/efficient for a full day's riding, but no great luggage carrying capacity needed. Any suggestions?
Thanks for any responses,

Hi Clive,
Commiserations on the loss of the Thorn Sterling, bad luck.
Will you be using frame bags (bikepacking) or using panniers?
Is it the used market you're looking at?


Used preferred, but willing to consider new or to build up from a frame (I have a Van Nicholas Zion Rohloff as a potential donor bike). I'm not looking to carry that much - this would only be for supported touring, so 5 to 10 kgs or so. I'm 210 lbs myself mind you, so weight bearing capacity needed, just not for luggage! I had in mind a rack-top bag or a single pannier, plus a very small bar bag for camera/map/phone.

Would the Van Nicholas Zion Rohloff with bike-packing bags (frame bag, handlebar bag, and seat bag) not suit your purposes?

I am guessing from your Mercury 610 and your wanted ad for a Sterling M/L or a Nomad Mk2 590L, that you are somewhere about 6'1" - 6'2"? so that would mean that you have a wide range of bicycles available to you, which believe me, is a plus.

Whereabouts are you planning on touring?



--- Quote from: Clive. on July 16, 2020, 08:16:07 AM ---I have a Van Nicholas Zion Rohloff .

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Use that -  ;)


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