Author Topic: My SA XL RD-5w Shifting FLAW finally Solved. Yippie !!!!  (Read 165 times)


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My SA XL RD-5w Shifting FLAW finally Solved. Yippie !!!!
« on: July 15, 2020, 03:35:12 PM »
   In 2012 I bought this RD5w hub from SJS, my first IGH. My spokes were slow coming, so I played with the shift chain several times. I kept wondering why it kept sticking going back in. I used it a year and liked it very much but, it didn't get any better. So the next annual take apart, I sanded the corners on the 2 key nubs. It was a little better, but still troublesome. The last time I tried it gears 2, 3, 4 wouldn't work at all, so I let it sit 3 years.
This week it was raining so I got it out again. I stripped it down to the axle and pinion planets assembly. I put it in the vice horizontally and spent an hour yanking on the key chain till I figured it out. There are 6 rows of 4 nubs in the assembly, so there are 5 slots the key goes in/ out.
  ONE of them was OK, the other 4 were NOT. This may be why so many of these hubs failed.
=====The SOLUTION turned out to be very EASY. I got out my diamond bit engraver to mark the bad slots. Then I got the bright idea to use it to lightly grind off the last 6 mm at the mouth end of the slots and round off the lip more. The grinder works very fast, so it just takes 30 seconds each. I did this until the key had NO stickiness. I doubt it could be done without this engraver actually.
 Then I spent all day converting the Rohloff setup and my chain case. Darn I can't find any old tour bike with 100/ 130+ dropouts. I took it out twice for 30 miles. It works PERFECTLY now. Yayyyy. So now it works as well or better than my 46/ 16T Rohloff, if only using gears 6, 8, 10, 12 and 14. LOL.  SA is with 46/ 17T now so I can go try going 46 mph down my fave hill again soon. ha. This 5w is WAY faster than my new 3 speed.
SHAME SHAME on SA for putting me and likely many others thru this horrible ORDEAL.
.....But OTOH, I would have struggled with 35 to 92 GI in Vietnam with the SA 5w. LOL

== BTW SJS, did your mechanics ever figure out this FLAW?
And anyway, would a SA disc line up close to a Rohloff disc?

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Re: My SA XL RD-5w Shifting FLAW finally Solved. Yippie !!!!
« Reply #1 on: July 23, 2020, 06:55:53 PM »
So last Friday I DID beat my record and go 46.0 mph, with a bigger tailwind actually. LOL.
GIs are 46/ 55/ 73.5/ 98/ 117.3. It actually wizzed out at 40 mph. Video on YT, btw.
Then Monday I had a perfect day to go all day, 11:40 min clock time. Only my 3rd century in the last 3 years. Tour bike is 78 lbs.
106.5 miles >> 7Hr36 moving, final avg. 14.0. The first 45 miles was 14.73 avg. in about 3 hours, with a bit of tailwind. I had a 10 minute stop in a park at 23 miles.
3 1/2 hour lunch/ 11 mile putter around and 90 minute sit, in the middle. Another long ice-cream break at 66.6 miles. Return was all a cross breeze. So I never got very tired at all. 3rd direct gear was SO EASY to spin up to 17.6 mph. Then I would go up to 4th and go 20/ 21 mph until I lost momentum.
The road was 90% crappy going and 90% perfect returning. LOL
Just like 5 years ago when I rode it all year, absolutely fabulous.
 But my bike has gained over 15 lbs, so uphills suck even worse. 
It's not much of a problem for my 46/16T Rohloff. 
Now you know why Dutch commuters only have 1% deFAILeurs. LOL
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